So as many of you fucking Looser know today’s date (4/20/2005) has a lot of meaning for lowlife fucking scumbags. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, there is hope for you yet, Today at 4:20 PM millions of losers sparked up to celebrate the get stoned and be a looser day. Now I am NOT saying everyone that smokes pot is a looser, just the ones that feel the need a special time of a special day to blaze up and choke those of us, that need no artificial enlightenment, to death with the smell of shitty Pot.

Now I have said before that Pot should be made legal, but it should also be like tobacco, where I am not forced to smell you retched pricks while riding Public Transit. What do I mean? Well simply put you fucking stoners STINK!!! The smell of Pot is almost as bad as the smell of B.O. and when the smell of B.O. and Pot are mixed together, as is very much the case with most of you filthy Pigs, it is fucking sickening.

I mean come on folks why do these fucking cock suckers need a special time of a special day to smoke pot? Do those of you that drink need a special day and special time to get shitfaced? No you looser do that at any time. So why all the fuss about 4:20? Easy, it is the only way these morons can keep track of their worthless fucking lives, maybe, just maybe if they showered and could remain lucid for more the an hour, they would find out that there is a great big world out there just waiting for them to clean themselves up and discover.

I have no problem with people who indulge in some sporadic vices, my personal vice is sex but I don’t get on the bus and make you all smell my dick, so why should we be forced to smell your shitty pot? Fuck grow up get a life and don’t force others to smell the fact that you can not face reality. Smoke your shit at home where the rest of society does not have to know about it.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard.