Fucking Americans

Ok so I am back on my favorite topic of stupid fucking Americans. Here they are blaming Canada for letting in Terrorists and down on their southern border,any one that is NOT a Mexican can cross the border, wave at a camera for the border patrol, and then continue on their way.

Now first of all they are stupid enough to broadcast this little tidbit on CNN and then they point out that they are only Targeting Mexican Illegal Ailiens. I mean for fuck sakes no wonder everyone hates you mother fuckers. You have no problems letting Terrorists into your fucking shit hole of a country, cause you can blame Canada, but if a Mexican tries to enter your country you have tracking dogs and armed guards and helicopters, with all the fancy shinny equipment, track his ass to the local 7-11 and throws his ass in Jail just so he can try it again next week.

Now Mexico is smart enough not to take any body that is not a Mexican into custody for crossing into the US and why the fuck should they but the US says it does not have enough space to hold all the people trying to sneak in. Funny I didn’t know that there were that many stupid fucking morons out there that wanted to get into the US. Maybe they just want to help increase the overall IQ of the US, at least we can only hope that is why they are going there. Not that it will help much. We can only hope that one day soon the US will wake up and smell the fucking coffee and start treating its’ neighbours with more respect.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard