a conversation with the Bastard

I was sitting at home and decided to go into a chat room for shits and giggles. Where I was confronted by an idiot. Now because of this I have remembered that there is a group I hate worse then Americans and that is the French.

Now this idiot decides to start ridiculing people in the chat room and that is my fucking job so I posted this,

Hands sirkayfoto his business card that reads as follows … Hello I am the Cranky Old Bastard. If I am giving
you this card it is for one of two reasons, either

You are a stupid person that has pissed me off,
You have done something that I have noticed and found worthy of my commenting on.

To find out which one please visit

So shit for brains decides to try to insult me, and while I unfortunately do not have all of the conversation I did keep this portion to post for your entertainment.

sirkayfoto: I can see that U’re a really a weird peice of SHIT!
Cranky Old Bastard: awe and I was expecting some thing original come back again when you brain has recovered and you are ready to try to think again
sirkayfoto: Tired of answering me?
Cranky Old Bastard: not at all, but seeing as you cannot tell me what offended you why should I bother
sirkayfoto: I can see that U really need to vist a Psychatrist and have Ur brain examined cause U seem to be talking about the BRAIN so much and I can figure out thta Urs is not in a good condition fron Ur uterances!
Cranky Old Bastard: tell you what, email me at bastard@thecrankyoldbastard and I will answer you and will even post it on the site
sirkayfoto: In Ur site U’re so full of foul words like shit,fork, refering to peoples family; Mum,Gradma, etc!
sirkayfoto: U really need help man!
sirkayfoto: Can’t seem to get ur rantings, Pal! ur words are in-coherent! I really mean it; U need help!
Cranky Old Bastard: matter of fact I DARE you to email me
sirkayfoto: Me! Mail U? for what? When there are other nice and valuable things to do, i’ll now aste my precious time in mailing a LUNATIC like U! No, No ,No! I can’t do that!
Cranky Old Bastard: chicken shit
sirkayfoto: Check that Out
Cranky Old Bastard: that is all you are
sirkayfoto: U maen U?
Cranky Old Bastard: at least I can spell
sirkayfoto: Ah ah! I can really see thta U’re NUTS!
Cranky Old Bastard: you need to go out and get laid you are in need of a blowjob more then any white man in history
sirkayfoto: Everyone knows that as U type fast,U’re bound to make mistakes!
sirkayfoto: Poor U! I can see thta U really need SERIOUS HELP! Sorry!
sirkayfoto: Here U go ranting again!
Cranky Old Bastard: your buzz means nothing much like your opinion
sirkayfoto: Ha Ha Ha! I can see that bothers MENTALLY DERAILED people like U!
Cranky Old Bastard: poor misguided fool I bet you are a christian right?
sirkayfoto: Ask me one more time?
Cranky Old Bastard: why do you have a problem reading english?
sirkayfoto: I can see that U’re are an Unrepentant Lunatic!
Cranky Old Bastard: ahh so you are a christian… well that explains a lot
sirkayfoto: It’s cause English is not my Lingua Franca!
sirkayfoto: & I can speak&write my laguage very well for your Info.
cerdwin_elf: sure you can … if your language is gibberish
sirkayfoto: And I’m not doing bad in English either!
Cranky Old Bastard: no not at all for a first grader
sirkayfoto: Wow! I’ve never found such an ASS-HOLE in my entire lifetime!
Cranky Old Bastard: you need to get out more
sirkayfoto: I’ve been lonely all these while!What a great way to break off my lonelyness, Talking to a MAD MAN!
Cranky Old Bastard: see YOU DO NEED TO GET LAID
sirkayfoto: I can see that U’re sex xtarved!
Cranky Old Bastard: what the FUCK is xtarved?
Cranky Old Bastard: did I confuse you with logic?
Cranky Old Bastard: well I guess that free speech and honesty are not in your personal dictionary so bye bye and have a nice life you miserable fucking waste of sperm.

Now as you can all see this frenchman was obviously very sexually frustrated. And even now as I am writting this he continues to send me messages

He has just sent me these,

sirkayfoto: See U some other tome when I need a real nice time of Laughter from a MADMAN! I guess I’ll invite my friends to share the FUn with me! Honestly Pal, U need to be Locked upin a Cage and make people laugh intensively as U are making me too now!At least U will be able to raise a lot of money for your BRAIN Surgery!
sirkayfoto: so u are still there!
Cranky Old Bastard: Thanks I will add this to the post on the web site shitforbrains
sirkayfoto: Thank God! I can add U 2 my Add. so that i won’t be searching for u all over the chat rooms, when next i need humour!
sirkayfoto: Well U can deny my request, which is what I expect from any mentally deranged person like U!
Cranky Old Bastard: what makes you think I want a waste of sperm stalking me over the internet
sirkayfoto: I thought as much!

Now I doubt dickless will have the balls to email me but we can hope.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard