Dedicated to Nurses

Ok listen up you stupid fuckers. Today’s lesson is on how to treat the health care workers that work in Hospitals. You DO NOT walk in there thinking you are the most fucking important person they have to treat. You DO NOT give them a hard time because there is some one else that needs attention before you, You DO NOT yell, scream, curse, threaten, or otherwise give those Nurses a hard fucking time. Yes they know you are in pain. Yes they know you need medical attention. But they also know that there are people in worse shape then you, and they know they are over worked and understaffed, they also know that you have a long wait, and yes they do care.

Do you really think that your acting like a spoiled rot ten fucking 2 year old brat is going to help get you into the ER any faster? No motherfucker, it won’t. All it will do is let the rest of us know that you are a stupid fucking imbecile with no more compassion then Hittler had for the Jews.

These nurses work very hard and try to deal with everyone in a fair way as quickly as possible. Today I was at Royal Jubilee Hospital and I saw one homeless piece of shit come in and start giving the triage nurse a hard fucking time and yet expect her to be super sweet and polite to him. BULLSHIT MOTHERFUCKER. You treat people like shit you better expect the same treatment. I think the Nurse was far too nice to you ass hole, but I don’t have to be nice to shit heads like you and I can tell you what the fuck I think of you. Oh and for that FAT FUCKING COW that expected her boyfriend to be first in because his doctor sent him there or that the nurses were “Fucking Rude Bitches” because they told you that you would have to wait, FUCK OFF BITCH, STOP SITTING AT HOME EATING BON BONS AND WATCHING JERRY FUCKING SPRINGER, LIKE SOME WANNABE PEG BUNDY. Get up off the fucking couch go out and get a fucking JOB BITCH. It is people like you that make people like me wanna get up and give the ER yet another patient. At least your boyfriend was able to walk in there under his own fucking power, and was not doubled over in pain. Grow the fuck up.

I really wish that the nurses could do more, but they are already overworked. If you really want to Bitch call up your MLA and bitch, go out and Vote the fucking liberals out on May the 17th. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE BUT STOP FUCKING WHINING.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard.