Like we needed more proof…

That Americans are stupid. A reader with nothing fucking better to do with his time sent me this URL

Now I admit that I am by no means a Rhodes Scholar but even the dumbest Canadian knows that the earth is more then 10,000 years old, closer to 65 million years old.

This is one of those things that makes you want to NUKE Arkansas for fuck sakes. Can you just see Adam and Eve frolicking with T Rex? Or Cain and Able playing Pin the tail on the Wooly Mammoth?

While reading this article I came a crossed this little tidbit

Creationism has found one high-level voice. President George Bush famously proclaimed: ‘The jury is still out on evolution.’ A CBS survey late last year showed that 45 per cent of Bush voters wanted Creationism taught in schools instead of evolution, compared to 24 per cent of voters for John Kerry. ‘Under the Bush presidency, we are clearly able to get a lot more done,’ Sharp said.

This should be sending warning bells sounding in every sane persons head.
I thank fuck that I was able to learn from Steve Martin who said

I don’t believe in anything except my lucky astrology mood watch.

At least the mood watch had a useful function, all creationism does is confuse the idiots into disbelieving Facts that can be backed up.

I will make you all a deal, the first one that can convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is truly a God that had a son named Jesus born to a virgin named Mary, who died and came back to life three days later, AND performed all the miracles that we are told Christ did, then and ONLY THEN will I admit I am wrong, and I am never wrong motherfuckers.

Until next time I remain;
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