Sales Clerks are Stupid


I am walking around the computer section of London Drugs (think Wallgreens for those of you who are unwashed), and there is this sales woman trying to tell a guy that Epson Printers are better for Photographs then Canon printers. I wanted to grab the stunned bitch and tell her to stop trying for the big sales and be honest with the poor fool, Canon printers are the best for the value and the Ink does not cost you your first Fucking born child. But being the kind gentle soul I am I waited until the guy had asked some more questions and also wanted some software to manage his photos, this fucking stupid bitch right away goes into the “sell the most expensive product mode” and tries to sell him Adobe Studio CS, That is it I decide to set the poor fucker right. I tell him I am a Photographer and this twat does not know what she is talking about and that for his money he should get the Canon because the ink is easier to refill, Canon are a better printer and that there is a reason that Canon does not make computers but does make cameras, printers, and scanners.

When he asks me about photo and image editing software I tell him that he needs to put his Credit card away and go to Google and down load the Picassa program from the options section (I am putting the link here to make it easier for you morons ) And that for most of his needs that program will be more then enough.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not against people trying to make a buck, but for fucksakes do it Honestly. Now if you brain dead readers would grow a set of balls and start doing what I did today you might find that you start to get value for you hard earned dollar and you won’t have to be on your knees blowing every Tom, Dick (PUN INTENDED)and Hairy. You night also find that you won’t get screwed at every fucking store you go into, and then I will not have to listen to people like you whining all the fucking time, because you were either too chicken to do anything or too stupid to do anything. And as we all know STUPID PEOPLE PISS ME OFF!!!

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard