It is time we in BC woke the fuck up and got rid of ICBC. It is a useless fucking branch of the government and needs to be replaced.

Today a car went off the road hitting some innocent fuckers at a bus stop one of which was a baby in a stroller who was dragged under the car. Now fortunately the child was not hurt badly to my knowledge but if it were the parents of that poor child are going to have to go through a bunch of fucking BULLSHIT for at least two fucking years before ICBC will even lift a fucking finger to do anything for the family.

ICBC is so fucked up that it has taken them over two years to deal with injuries I suffered in a hit and run. Now when they send me for an MRI it comes back clear because the damage has been done and the initial injury has healed leaving my back fucked. If they were to do their jobs and actually look after people then maybe they would not have to pay out so much fucking money in settlements.

Why is it if you have to pay them money they demand it right fucking then and there but if you make a claim you are treated like a fucking criminal and they try to drag it out as long as fucking possible?

And if you end up going to court against them they would rather pay off the Judge instead of giving fucking customer service? Maybe we should all fucking send them a fax or letter or e-mail with the definition of customer service on it.

But of course you fucking useless cunts are either too lazy or too stupid to try to change the system. You probably think “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” well guess what ass hole ICBC is fucking broken and needs fixing in the worst fucking way.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky old Bastard