Our Wonderful families

We all have them, the one family member that we wish we could disown. Wether it be a brother, a sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, whatever we all have them.

In my case it is my sister,a self centered, whining, lying, bitch, that when ever she gets into trouble she come running home expecting the family to bail her out. She is stupid enough to keep going back to a even stupider ass hole that likes to slap her around. I don’t want to hear the shit that maybe she can’t get away. That is a crock of fucking shit she has gotten away and she keeps going back to him thinking that this fucker will change. He ain’t going to fucking change you stupid bitch not while he is living, anyway.

So what the fuck are we to do with these simple minded relatives? Well in my case it has gotten to the point of saying fuck it, she made her fucking bed she can sleep in it. What should you do ? Say fuck them. Let them fucking suffer maybe then they will get the fucking hint that families are not there to be fucking taken for fucking granted.

No as to my sisters boyfriend? Well we will talk and soon Asshole so lets hope I am in a good mood that day.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard