Death sounds good to me

Why is it when some dumb fucker is sentenced to death in the US some bunch of fucking nuts protest the execution? Come on you stupid fucks the death penalty is one of the very very few things that the US does that I agree with. Think about it we are paying to keep ass holes like Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, and Clifford Olsen alive when they showed no fucking mercy to the people they killed.

If we were to have the death penalty here these fuckers would be dead and no longer a burden on us.

Yeah sure there are a few cases where they executed some one that was innocent of the crime they were sentenced to but, fuck it if they were completely innocent then they would never have been considered for committing any crime in the first place.

And what of these sick fucking cunts that kill babies? Do we keep them alive? Unfortuneatly yes we do but what we should do is give them an option, either you take your own life, or you get locked in a room covered with monitors playing video of you children laughing and being happy until you go nuts and take your own life.

Pedophiles and Child killers are kept in protective custody because if they were put into general population the other inmates would kill them, and some fucking bleeding hear thinks this is a bad thing. FUCK THAT SHIT any one found guilty of killing a pedophile or child killer should be given a fucking reward.

When I was a kid growing up I was surrounded by Bikers and these guys watched out for me as if I was one of tier own kids , and if I got in trouble with the cops, I was in deeper shit with them because I should know better then to be so stupid. And No it was not in shit for getting caught, it was in shit for doing wrong in the first place.

So what if we offed Paul Bernardo? Would the world be a worse place with out a freak like him around? FUCK NO!!!

There is a saying I learned growing up “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” and of course as I like to say “Take fucking responsibility for you own fucking actions cock sucker!” But Hey why should we expect any one to obey the law when we re-elect a fucking drunk driving son of a bitch?

It seem obvious that the bleeding heart cock suckers, have never lost a loved one to violent crime, otherwise they would be the ones wanting to throw the fucking switch.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard