Soap is not a dirty word

Ok so I took the fucking weekend off to celebrate my 40th birthday and because I needed a fucking break from you ass holes.

So as an unexpected gift my best friend decided to get his first tattoo on my birthday and I was there not just to watch but to enjoy watching him suffer in great fucking pain and laugh at him. Yes i know I am a wonderful fucking friend and a great fucking human being.

My ballroom dance partner joined myself and three friends at the movies where i got to see Angelina Jolie in fishnet stockings and a PVC outfit, and let me tell you I am dam glad my drink cup was empty to catch the fucking drool. But enough of my shit.

On Saturday I went to watch a ballroom dance competition and ran into some people I thought were friends but seeing as they never have time to talk to me or to even say fucking hello to me when they do see me I figure FUCK THEM. And if you are wondering if I mean you, then yes I fucking do.

After that I decided to head home so I went into the Mac’s store on the corner of Yates and Douglas and there are these two filthy stinking fucking street rats in the store, and when I say stinking I do indeed mean fucking stinking. These fuckers smelt as thought they had not been within ten fucking feet of a bar of soap in the last year. the smell of BO was over powering and all I wanted to do was to get a fucking fire hose and some lye soap and hose these pig off. But one of these fucking stinking fucking disgusting pigs had the nerve to ask me for some fucking money. I told the fucker instead of giving him money Iwould do something better and buy him a bar of fucking soap and some deodorant, well you would have thought Ipunched the fucker (which was my first instinct). This stupid son of a bitch starts yelling at me to the point that his partner in grime decides he needs to get involved in this.

At this point I figure ok time for the fun and games to start so I told the cashier that she should call the police and an ambulance for these two. Now the stunned bitch looks at me as if I have two fucking heads so I said fuck it turned around and the stink twins were fucking gone.

So you would fucking think that my day was a fairly full one until I get on the bus back to Sooke and take my seat. At the next stop some other fucking ass hole gets on the bus that had not been near running water let alone soap since the turn of the century, and of course the fucker has to sit right beside me. Fuck it I went to the driver who asked the guy to leave the bus.

Now listen up you fucking cock suckers, fucking bathe so that the rest of us don’t have to suffer because of your stench. Instead of buying smokes booze or fucking pot buy some fucking soap, get a hair cut get some good clothes and find a job then you can find a home and shower more often.

Why the fuck is it that these twatwaffles can seem to afford to get all kinds of piercing but they can never seem to afford soap or food for them selves?

I think that the piercing people should turn around and tell these smelly fuckers “No I am not giving you a piercing until you bathe!!!” and if you stink don’t expect to be allowed to ride the fucking bus with those of us with better personal hygiene they you. And instead of giving these fuckers a place to shoot up and exchange the needles lets just give the pure heroine and get rid of them for fuck sakes. And while we are at it lets get the fire department to provide free showers for these stinking mother fuckers, and by showers I mean line them up and nail them with the fucking fire hose.

So if you are on the bus and you stink expect that at some time if I am on the bus with you to be told “YOU FUCKING STINK GO AND BATHE”

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard