Why do I do this to myself

Ok so it is that time of year again when the Oak Bay Tea Party is happening. And I volunteer my time to this cause because for the most part it is a great time for families, but every year we hear about how there is going to be a huge fight between different high schools or there is going to be a wild party on the beach after the midway closes down.

Now as most of you obtuse cretins are aware I don’t like teens at the best of times. Now as the school year is coming to an end these vile progeny grow even more ignorant of others and decide that they want to ruin a good thing.

Years ago the OBTP had a fireworks display on the Saturday night and the midway was open until ten PM, but because of some problematic teens this has had to end. There was property damage, assaults and all out mayhem by a few idiots.

Now thanks to the people that organize this yearly event, fun can still be had and the Tea Party is indeed for families no thanks to these stupid little fucks that have decided that it is just another reason to get drunk and rebel, just so that they can make asses of them selves.

So if you are one of these stupid little fuckers that wants to ruin this family event remember, we hear you talking when you think that we don’t, we take note of what is going on and we make plans to ensure that you will not ruin it for the rest of us.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard