It is about Time

Well I finally have a web site of my own to vent my fucking frustrations on, and force my opinion down the throats of you stupid fuckers that keep coming back here. Here i don’t have to worry about fucking editors, fucking publishers, or anyone else for fuck sakes. If you don’t like what I fucking have to say here then don’t fucking come back. It is that fucking easy.

Now I can hear you asking “has the bastard sold out?”

The answer is No. I just realized that I can say and do what I like here, with out having to worry about pissing people off. Yes I do sell advertising space here, to help pay to keep this fucking space here for you god dammed whining assholes to have something to fill your otherwise pathetic empty mother fucking lives.

So if you have the balls to keep coming back here good for you if not FUCK OFF NOW.

Oh, just a side note for you all. I would suggest that you keep your fucking eyes open cause you never know when this Bastard is watching you, and you could become the next target for my rage.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard.