Are you truly that fucking stupid?

Are you lot complete fucking idiots that you can not figure out that I insult you every fucking chance I get and get away with it?

Have you people no self fucking worth? Or are you just sitting there like fucking brain dead idiots thinking that the insults don’t pertain to you? Well guess what fuck heads the more you sit there in silence thinking that I an not really insulting you, you are making it easier for me.

It is idiots like you that make it easier for people like George Bush to fuck you all over. Because you are either too stupid or too fucking lazy to speak up, so there fore I get to sit here and belittle you morons and like good little christians you act like sheep and let me and everyone else fuck you up the ass while telling you how great we are going to treat you.

So until next time;
Fuck you all.
I am the Cranky Old Bastard.