Typical politicians

Why am I not fucking surprised at all the bull shit coming out of Ottawa?
Or out of the Provincial Governments for that matter. If you watch closely the whole fucking thing about the Liberal Scam in Ottawa will get pinned on one low level fucker and everyone else will go scot fucking free. Why BECAUSE MONEY TALKS.

I f you don’t know that then you need to pull your heads out of you collective asses, and wake the fuck up

We all know OJ killed his wife and that poor schmuck she was fucking. But because OJ was famous he got away with it. Jean Cretien knew all about the kick backs going on in Ottawa and he retired before it all blew up, and you fucking damn well better know he will get away with it. Kobe Bryant raped a chick and got away with it because “The Victom refused to testify” But she also decided to hire a lawyer to sue Kobe Bryant’s ass off. Michael Jackson will get away with molesting those kids because he has fucking MONEY, and of course there is the former BC MLA Sven Robbinson who stole a diamond ring that was worth something like 70 grand, and that motherfucker, sorry he is gay that makes him a cocksucker not a motherfucker, got a slap on the fucking wrist. And lets us not forget Gordon (lets get drunk and fuck the public)Campbell, who gets drunk and drives in Hawaii, and gets away with it.

Now if you or I were to try any of this shit we would end up in fucking jail, the fucking Judge would throw the book at any one of us because we don’t have the big fucking bucks to pay off the legal system.

If you fucking dipshits out there never believe another fucking thing I write belive this. THERE ARE TWO SETS OF LAWS IN CANADA, ONE FOR THE RICH AND ONE FOR THE POOR. And the rich make sure they keep it that way by saying FUCK THE POOR. seriously folks if you ever find your selves in trouble with the law look the judge right in the eye and say, ” I am following the example set by my government, and I demand the same treatment that they get.”

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard