Cock sucking Motherfucking shit eating waste of sperm, and those are their good fucking points. It seems some cock suckers out there in moron land do not like the Cranky Old Bastard. I can’t imagine why. Maybe because that when they go down on their girlfriends they find out how I taste, or maybe I offended their little feelings by pointing out they have even small cocks. Who the fuck knows? And better yet, Who the FUCKING HELL CARES?

In case you morons have trouble figuring it out todays topic is about those walking, home sick abortions, that call them selves hackers. Now as you may have noticed there was a time when the Bastsards site was un available. that is because the server that I am on got hacked, doing a great deal of damage and costing other people lots of money and time not just to get it all fixed and running again, but it also cost some people customers.

Now if you don’t like what I am saying here then fucking leave and don’t come back no one forces you to come here, or write me an e-mail, but don’t be a fucking cunt and sneak around and cost others time and money. But what am I saying you cock suckers have no fucking BALLS let alone a back bone. Otherwise you would have written an e-mail and taken what I have to say to you like a man. NOT SOMe SNIVELING PIECE OF DRIED UP DOG SHIT!!

Now don’t think I don’t know that there are people out there that have issues with what I say and get offended at the way I say things. To tell you the truth, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. If i offend you Good that means there is something in what I said, that you have found deep with in you somewhere, and if I piss you off, FUCKING WONDERFUL, I made you stop and think about something and you should be thanking me, fuck that you should be paying me for enlightening you all.

So if anyone out there knows who hacked this server kill the fucking ass hole and make the god dammed motherfucking cock sucking world a better place for the rest of us to live.

I will make sending me an e-mail much easier for you brain dead twats. The e-mail address to reach me is bastard@thecrankyoldbastard.com there now lets see if you fucking retards can string a few words together to let me know how you feel.

Until Next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard