Fuck Homolka

Ok for those of you stupid ass holes out there that don’t know who Karla Holmolka is, she was the wife of Paul Bernardo, and together the pair of them brutally murdered to teenage girls in the 80s. One of the girls was dismembered and encased in concrete and then thrown into a nearby lake.

This sick and twisted couple also video taped both slayings, and Mr. Paul (I should be dead)Bernardo also turned out to be a serial rapist.

Now the reason I bring this all up is because cuntface Holmolka is due to be released from prison soon and is whining because the majority of Canadians want to see her suffer a long and agonizing death very very soon. Now that she is actually going to have to face the music for her crime on the streets of Canada she is fucking petrified that the public will get it’s wish. And she is trying every trick in the book including whining to the courts with such insightful remarks as

she’s been treated like a monster by the media and the public at large.
“I am a political football. I have done terrible things,” writes Homolka in one of a series of letters to author Stephen Williams, obtained by The Globe and Mail.

Maybe that is because you are a fucking monster bitch. Why else would you be so concerned about getting the Shit you took from your victims back

The champagne flutes she ranted about after learning Paul Bernardo had used them to entertain an abducted teenaged girl. Her overriding concern about getting back some of her belongings from the pink clapboard house where she and Paul Bernardo raped, tortured and killed their victims. The Mickey Mouse wristwatch apparently taken from one of the teens that she wore during her first police interview.

CTV Website

Gee Karla lets see why we would hate you and want to see you suffer; Your Lack of remorse for one, the fact that you were as much to blame in the deaths of those girls as your husband but you ratted him out and are basically getting away scot fucking free for your crimes. Plus the fact that you bear a remarkable resemblance to a pussing ulceration caused by a venereal infection.

Now I have purposely avoided using the names of this cunts victims in order to respect the privacy of the families. But as far as the Holmolka family is concerned you should all rot and die very painful deaths.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard