Ignorant fuckers

You know the one thing that truly surprises me is how ignorant people in my age bracket are, today I was getting on the bus to go down town and this ass hole cuts right in front of two elderly ladies because he didn’t want to have to fucking wait for them, too fucking bad ass hole you would probably be the first fucker to bitch if some one cut in front of you or if someone disrespected your mother.

Or then there was this Oriental fucker that tried to cut in front of a woman in a wheel chair. At least until I grabbed the little shit and pulled him back out of the way.

It is no fucking wonder that the youth of today have no fucking respect for anyone or anything other then them selves. It makes me seriously want to reach out and smack these fuckers until they learn some fucking respect.

If it were not for a few exceptions out there I would truly feel resigned to the fact that we as a race are fucked.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard