Shit for sale

Ok motherfuckers time to get your Original Cranky Old Bastard Gear. Now in order for this shit to work here is what should happen, Ladies the Bastard loves you, and knows you all love him. So here is what I need from you, buy one of the Cranky Old Bastard T shirts soak it down and take a picture of your self wearing it the best picture will win one of the Cranky Old Bastard G strings, that we will be introducing shortly, or guys send in a picture of your woman wearing a Cranky Old bastard T shirt and get one for your self if your picture wins.

Now I know that it may seem like I am a sexist pig but so fucking what, the contest will be judged on how good your tits look in my shirts. Accept it ladies you can rule the world just by distracting us guys with your tits, I admit I like looking at tits and the smart women know that men are fascinated by tits and use them to get what they want. You want beads? Flash me your tits. You want money? Let me play with your tits. You want diamonds? Well that is going to take a little bit more, but we can talk.

I know you women have minds, and I prefer intelligent women over bimbos, but that does NOT change the fact that men have two heads and only enough blood to run one of them at a time. I know there are women out there that will take offence to this, but ask me if I care? I like controversy and no one is forcing you to come here so FUCK OFF AND WHINE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

You know I found out the some people found my stuff rude and offensive. Imagine that like what the fuck did you think you were going to find here?
Some people take offense with what I am saying but lack the fucking balls to e-mail me because they know that what ever they took offense to they are themselves guilty of. Take offence at how I say things Not with the things I say, you demented ass holes.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard.

P.S. I would like to thank wickedtheomnipotentimpotent for this comment on yesterdays post “Society had a crime problem. It hired cops to attack crime. Now society has a cop problem. Tom Robbins(Still Life with Woodpecker) “