Get off your fucking ass

We have become a nation of fat lazy greedy fucking slobs.

I saw on the TV tonight where fruit farmers are hiring fucking Mexicans to come to Canada and do the work that most people find beneath them. FUCK THAT SHIT take all these lazy pricks on general welfare, Not disability, or Parental, but General welfare and send them to fucking work on these farms they get minimum wage and a fucking roof over their lazy fucking heads plus the satisfaction of working for the money instead of sitting around smoking fucking pot all day.

If they were to actually work they would find out they could afford more fucking pot. Not to mention the fact that learn the value of a dollar. But unfortunately we have these fucking bleeding heart human rights wankers that say “Oh you can’t deny people welfare” Fuck off!!! If these cock suckers would get up off their asses and work then we would not have to cut education spending to keep them alive.

We need to get rid of the welfare system as it stands now, and bring in WORK FARE you want money to live and you are healthy and physically able to work then get you ass to one of these fucking farms. Why should we pay for some other fuckers to line up and get a Visa when we have people that don’t contribute anything useful to society and are no more then a burden to the tax payers.

Stoned, Stupid, and Lazy is no way to go through life mother fuckers so get up and start fucking working.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard


  1. Right On……………make these scumbags work or use em for medical experiments………..I am fucking tired of working 2 jobs supporting a family and listen to these useless cocksuckers whine.