The definition of Stupid

OK so we all know that stupid people piss me off. But what makes someone stupid?

Well here is a partial list of what I consider stupid enough to piss me off. Now before I go any further, I say it is a partial list because this list is never ending. There are always going to be new people or new things that piss me off. And this list is in NO particular order.

Teenagers, you think you are so cool because you go out drinking or partying and get picked up by the cops, figuring that they will just take you home to Mommy and Daddy who will be helpless to do anything to you cause you will have them charged. Well fuckheads I don’t give a rats ass about a charge and I have no reservations about giving you the smack upside the head that you so desperately need. You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Ignorant fuckers, You fuckers get on the bus with you disc mans blaring out shit or decide to put your feet up taking up both fucking seats when others are forced to stand. Don’t be surprised when I knock you feet off the chair cock sucker. You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Any one under the age of 25 You bastards think you own the fucking world and we should all just kiss your asses and accept it. Well guess what I am more likely to KICK your ass. Your attitude sucks and you piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Smokers Sit there and whine that you are being forced out of everywhere, but you don’t seem to give a fuck about anyone else. Your filthy fucking habit makes my clothes and hair stink, not to mention the fact that you are exposing me to the dangers of secondhand fucking smoke. If you want to kill yourselves fine but do it either where I am not fucking exposed to it or do it in a quicker fashion. You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Dope Smokers Grow the fuck up most of you are teenagers that think it is cool, yeah it is cool… IF YOU ARE A LOSSER. Put the fucking pot away and learn how to deal with reality. You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Americans(I knew you were all waiting for this one) Now most Americans are fine one on one, especially if you are traveling in the states. But when these mother fuckers herd together or travel forget it they want to make every fucking place “Just like back in America”, and they seem to think they are doing us a favour, when in fact you are making us all hate you. Fuck off the USA is NOT THE FUCKING GREATEST PLACE IN THE FUCKING WORLD.Most of you seem to believe your own propaganda and can’t form an original thought. You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.
(I know right now there is an American scratching his head and saying “You know what he is right.” Of course I am right mother fuckers.)

Hippies Bathe ass holes you all stink of B.O. and Patchouli, Use Soap you won’t melt and if you do NO GREAT FUCKING LOSS!!! You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Politicians Now not many people know this but Politics comes from two Latin words – Poly, meaning many. and Tics, meaning bloodsucking insects. I have yet to meet a Politician that wasn’t a thief, liar, or cheat. And trust me people those are the good points. You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

The Religous Right You fuckers are too blinded by your over zealousness to realize that even Christ considered you weak little sheep that needed to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to think. There are other religions out there you know some of them far older then even Judism. There have been more wars started because of Christ then any other religion. Now I don’t think that if Christ were real and actually taught love, peace, and forgiveness, he would want people to go out and kill each other in his name.You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

I could go on and on but I can sum it all up by saying, You piss me off and therefore you are stupid.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard