Tattoos and other shit

Why the fuck do you morons out there think that just because some one has a tattoo they are either A biker, an ex con, a freak or just plain fucking trouble.

Or you are the fucking opposite and think that we are here for your fucking amusement and don’t have the same fucking rights as other people. For example a while back I was standing in a store when this woman comes up and lifts the sleeve of my fucking t shirt to look at my tattoo. When I look at her with a look of who the fuck are you and why do you feel you can move my clothing around? she says ” Oh I just wanted to see your tattoo.” I wonder how she would have liked it if I opened her shirt and said oh I just wanted to see your tits.

It is called common fucking courtesy folks. I don’t like people touching me because I don’t know where you fuckers have been or who you have been with and seeing as this took place in Esquimalt you could be carrying any number of social diseases.

But at least Esquimalt has not been given to Christ. Yeah that is Right. Apparemtly on June 12 Mayor Alan Lowe “committed and gave the city of Victoria to God” Now I read this in Monday Magazine so it is some what true as Monday is about the only rag in this fucking city that will give anything close to the truth. And what about the pastor that was heard to pray “God would close doors of activity that are not consistent with his purpose”? Well first of all that seems to me to be a very fucking bigoted thing to say from a man that is supposed to teach his flock ( notice how Christian are used to being compared to mindless sheep) to “love thy neighbour as ye love thyself”

Now before you even fucking think about jumping down my throat about being a hypocrite FUCK OFF I have already stated that I hate all you dumb fucks alike, and I don’t preach love and understanding, although neither does this pastor, I preach do unto others before they can fucking do it unto you!!! Oh and Mr. Pastor if we close all those places won’t you have to go back to picking up young school boys and girls to satisfy your sexual urges instead of going to the escorts in town? Like your wife doesn’t know what you are up to ? Do you really think that the high ranking police official is there following up on a complaint on those nights when you are not at home? But lets suppose for a second that this all happens just like you want it to, there will be no Jews in town,nor Bahai nor Hindus, and also the Gays would leave the city and the deviants, Hell even the Scots in the city would feel they had to leave because they wear kilts.Fuck face it Victoria would;d be fucking EMPTY and ass hole Lowe would be out of a fucking Job because there would be no one here.

Now speaking of various Governments I truly hope dear moronic reader that you NEVER have to rely on the 911 services here in Victoria. Last Saturday night as I was on my way out of town a transformer caught fire at the Naniamo St. station. Now I figured I would try the good Samaritan roll and called 911 to report it. I WAS FUCKING PUT ON HOLD THEN THEY FUCKING HUNG UP ON ME!!! What the fuck is that all about? I am just fucking thankful that I was not calling to report my home on fire or some one trapped in a burning building.

Now the last thing I am going to bitch about is you fuckers. You all seem to enjoy reading my rants but none of you fuckers have ordered a fucking shirt or even sent me any mail for things that might piss you and I off, do here is my e-mail address

Until next time FUCK OFF
I am the Cranky Old Bastard