What the fuck are we thinking?

I was watching American Justice (I know Oxymoron) on television tonight and they were talking about cop killers. Now I will be the first one to admit that there are bad cops. But not all cops are bad, fuck most of them are just like the majority of the public.

So I got to wondering, if we say that people that promote that the Holocaust did not happen are guilty of promoting hatred and we enact laws to stop them then why don’t we apply the same laws to shit like Gangsta Rap?

Face it, Tupac was all about killing cops and yet people today Idolize him, now I hear some of you brain dead fucking morons, saying shit like “But Tupac was a musician and a leader in the movement to change the world.” No Tupac, aka Toothpick, was a dope smoking brain dead motherfucker that got what he deserved. Just because he spread his hatred in a rhyme does not make him any less guilty then Hittler. ” But Tupac was against all cops black or white.” and Hittler was against all Jews black or white.

Am I in favour of censorship? Fuck no!! That would mean the Christian Right wing would be shutting me down (something I would like to see them try). But I am against cold blooded murder of anyone for any fucking reason, And like them or not the cops are out there doing a job that not many of you fucking losers would do. These men and women put their life on the line every mother fucking day to try to keep you and I safe. So the next time a cop pulls you over for speeding admit that you fucked up and thank the cop for all his hard work and for being there for you even if you have never had to call on him or her. Who knows he might just give you a warning.

Mater of fact ass holes you should thank the Firefighters and the Ambulance drivers, and the Paramedics for everything they do. While you are at it show some balls and thank members of our Armed Forces, these people are out doing humanitarian work that the mainstream press will never tell you about, and they work dammed fucking hard. And most of all
when ever you see a Vetren Shake their hand and say Thanks because with out those people No one would be able to say anything they wanted to say with out fear of persecution.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard