You’re an Asshole

How many fucking times have I been told those exact words?
I have fucking lost count, but yet for some reason you fuckers seem to think I take offence to being called an asshole. Why can’t you fucking brainless wonders get it through your thick fucking heads? I AM AN ASSHOLE AND PROUD OF IT.

I know I have not posted for quite some fucking time but I have a life other then trying to keep you fuckers amused, but there are a few things I need to get off my chest. So here we go.
1. To you lazy cock suckers that accosted me for spare change on the streets face it you are fucking lazy, and I am fucking judgmental, but at least I am not a burden on society so find a fuck job or die either way you will at least be doing something worthwhile for a change.
2. You whiney fucks that were just rescued from Lebanon… you fucking idiots knowingly go to a hot spot then when the fucking idiots down there start shooting at each other you expect to be rescued in a luxury liner at the cost to tax payers? FUCK OFF stop being so fucking stupid!!! You knew before you went there that it was a hot spot and there was a chance of hostilities breaking out, so why the fuck should I have to pay for you to get out of there? You’re brain dead ass got you down there let your brain dead ass get you back, and that goes for you fuckers that go to Israel as well. Would you go to Afghanistan of Kosovo and expect the govt. to pull you out of there? No so why the fuck should we do it now? I could go on for ever about this but it would be like flogging a dead horse, I just wish our govt. would let Darwinism run its” course.
3. American. We all know that you are fucking stupid but for some strange reason you seem to have this need to continually prove it to the rest of the world. I was talking to some Americans the other day (Yes I know I was asking for them to prove it) and they said what a wonderful Job George Bush was doing and how they wish he could just stay in there until all the world was at peace> WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE GEORGE BUSH IS A WAR MONGER. And we won’t even get into the issue of him vetoing a bill on stem cell research.
4. Right wing Christians….ok assholes creationism IS NOT A SCIENCE !!! it is a belief system and an outdated one at that. The earth is millions of years old, and Dinosaurs did walk it at one point, and the only omnipotent being you need fear is ME MOTHERFUCKER If Christ did indeed exist and could see what you people do in his name he would be insulted. So tell you what, why don’t you all be more Christ like and get crucified? That way the world would be a better place because we would be rid of you fuckers. I have no problem with most Christians because they are some what open minded but religion should be best kept to ones self and taken only in Moderation.
5. Paris Hilton… This slut has the nerve to compare herself to Marilyn Monroe Or Princess Diana. Yes Paris you are an Icon for tasteless douchebags. Face it cunt you are ugly and have no tits and even less class. The only reason guys want to fuck her is in the hopes that they can get at some of that fucking money her daddy has. I swear if I had a daughter like her I would be more proud of her if she were to work in a whore house at least then she would be providing a valuable service for humanity. While we are on this topic lets add people that think Paris Hilton has any talent. Ok maybe she has talent sucking cock but certainly not acting. But from the looks of the skank I wouldn’t let her touch me with a 10 foot pole.

So that is my Rant for now but there seems to be a population explosion of stupid people so I think I shall be writing again soon, because as my Trademarked Slogan says “Stupid People Piss Me Off”. Oh and Buy my fucking shirts you cheap cock suckers.

Until Next time I remain
The Cranky Old Bastard


  1. Excellent post! I might finally listen to what you are trying to get out. For the most part your entire blog is super… I am digging it. Peace!