I have always known that Cowboys were sick little fuckers, but I always put it down to years of listening to Country Music. But lately I have been thinking that maybe the rodeo plays a bigger part in it then we know.

Rodeos are fucking Barbaric. If you need proof I will Tie a leather strap around your genitals and sit on you back while digging in a set of spurs, I know to those of you in Aberta and Texas this sounds like foreplay, but lets see just how fucking much you jump and buck. Or we will put you in a pen scare the shit out of you open the gate only to have some demented fucker throw a rope around you and hog tie you.

Now I know I am turning all the rednecks on with this talk, but seriously these animals go through hell to entertain a bunch of small minded (and most likely small penises as well) idiots, but come on these are the freaks that tortured small animals when they were children only to grow up and torture bigger animals.

So there you have it incest is caused by rodeos and Country music, Why else would they name the kids Billy Joe Jim Bob? Easy they don’t know which of their brothers is the father and they all ride rodeo. So The next time you are sitting on your fat fucking asses watching the rodeo, either on TV or live ( you pitiful fools) Remeber that the Bulls do not consider the strap around their nuts as foreplay. And Ask your self.
Is this something that I truly would like to have happen to me? If the answer is yes, go shoot your parents for marrying a sibling.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard