You know what pisses me off more then Americans? Rude motherfuckers! And if I am calling them rude that must say fucking heaps about them

I know there are some of you stunned fuck heads out there that think Public Transit is for Losers or tree hugging freaks, but there are those of us that know you fucking assholes are the main reason insurance rates are so high . I see more idiots driving around with out a care in the world and winding up in an accident trying to blame the other fucking driver.

Now for those of you who do take public transit don’t think that you are immune from my wrath, Far fucking from it. Just because you are riding the bus does NOT give you the right to put your feet up on the seats or to lay across two seats, How would you like it if I was to come to your home and walk all over your furniture right after walking through a pile of dog shit? You wouldn’t. So keep your fucking feet on the floor.

Then there are the assholes that feel it imperative to open the window above their seat and freeze those of us out that are sitting behind you. For Example I am on the bus home, yes I take the fucking bus, and this fucking moron gets on the bus wearing Black Doc Marten shoes, black socks, beige shorts, and battle ship grey polo shirt, with a hair cut that looks like it came from a sheep shearing farm, and this fucker proceeds to open up a window. OK I admit here on Vancouver Island we have great weather, Fucking great weather and although it is only May I have been wearing shorts myself, but you get wind streaming in the window of a bus when you are sitting in the rear seat the air gets fucking cold.

Now my imbecilic reader I was polite and asked this fucker “Would you mind closing the window it is rather cold on some of us. Hell you would have thought that I had just asked him if I could fuck his mother while he watched. He shoots me a dirty look but makes the wise choice and closes the window. Good for him.

Now you might ask what is you point Bastard? I’ll tell you my mother fucking point. If this guy had asked the people around him if we minded freezing our collective balls off in the first place, then he could have avoided pissing me and the other passengers off, remember motherfuckers it is PUBLIC Transit, Don’t give the driver or your fellow passengers a hard fucking time. Treat the driver with respect and you may find the ride home more enjoyable.

And if you are on the bus and some asshole hands you a card, that says,
Hello I am the Cranky Old Bastard. If I am giving you this card it is for one of two reasons, either
A) you are a stupid person that has pissed me off, or
B) You have done something that I have noticed and found worthy of my commenting on.

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Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard