All hail Yoda the true God

A reader felt that this should be brought to my attention, and I am damn glad he did, this moron seems to think Yoda from Star Wars is actually intended to look like Mephistopheles. He also states

You don’t believe there is a Devil? Let’s get real!! He has your ultimate destruction as his never ending goal. If you hope to escape the damnation of Hell, it is imperative that you put your faith in Christ alone. NOW! His death and resurrection in your place make it possible for you to escape Hell and gain Heaven.

Why is it people feel the need to compensate for their lack of faith by shoving their religious beliefs down our throats? Also this person of questionable intelligence states,

The website, While Good For Research On The Occult, By No Means Is A Place
To Search For The Life That Is In Our LORD JESUS CHRIST – BEWARE!

Now my insipid reader I have taken the liberty to send the following e-mail to this person.

Are you so fucking thick headed that you actually believe this shit?

Who the fuck died and made you the moral conscience of the world?

Why should you be the one to tell people where to search for what?

What gets me is that there are morons like you in the world today that, if went unchecked, would be allowed to breed, and shuts other sites down. Not to mention the fact that you have your facts WAY off. I would suggest that you pull your head from out of your ass, take a deep breath and do some honest research with an open mind. Your version of God is a jealous vengeful petty little god that rules through fear and Intimidation. NOT LOVE. I thank what ever fucking gods there are out there, that there are laws against incest so that you will have to find some one out side of your family tree in order to successfully procreate.

Now I doubt you will be brave enough to post this on your web site. But you can be assured that it will appear in full on mine. If you doubt me you can see it at

Until Next Time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard

So we will just have to wait and see if Jesus boy has the faith in his god to post my e-mail and let people make up their own minds about poor old Yoda.

If you wish to check out the site yourself here is the URL

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard