I am going to have to do something drastic

First of all let me tell you little fucking morons out there it is getting harder to keep the title of my little rant simple enough for the brain dead masses out there. But that is my problem and I have stopped giving a fucking rats ass about it.

So yesterday I am sitting in my favorite tattoo place, Namely Universal Tattoos here in Victoria getting some new ink done, and I swear that stupid people were out in force yesterday and they were all flocking to where ever I happened to be. Now I have to give Bob and the rest of the staff there credit they have to be polite to stupid people, and they do a great job at dealing with the hordes of idiots out there.

What I find hard to understand is that when you see some one sitting in a chair getting work done, why do you idiots insist on asking “Does it hurt?”

YES IT FUCKING HURTS, IT IS SUPPOSED TO HURT. But being the fucking sadistic mother fucker that I am I am going to start lying to you fuckers and tell you “NO It don’t hurt a fucking bit.” just to fuck with you, and then there are the narrow minded fuckers that think because you have tattoos that you are some how less of a person then they are. I even had a Mother of a chick I was dating ask if I was drunk when I got Tattooed. So I had a shirt made that reads the exact same as my answer to this cunt. ” No Maam I wasn’t drunk when I got tattooed, but I was when I did your daughter.”

So if you are one of the above mentioned fucking Idiots, keep your fucking mouth shut or I may jump out of the chair and give you a fucking Tattoo that lets everyone know that you are a stupid fucker that pissed me off.

Until next time I remain;
The cranky Old Bastard