How to deal with drunks

Let me start by saying drunks fall into the stupid people category, and we all know that Stupid People Piss me off!!!

I get enough times in my life where I get to deal with drunks, and depending on who they are and how they act this can be either a fucking pain in the ass or a laugh fucking riot of a time. For example my buddy Lee, Lee is a great Drunk because I can tell him shit that he did and he doesn’t remember them and so has no idea if he really did those things or not. So in my way I see this as a great time to teach Lee about getting that drunk, I will if I have to make things up but with Lee, bless him, I don’t have to but one of these times I am going to take a video camera out with us so Lee can see what he is really like.

But anyway that is enough of sharing my life with you pathetic little fucking half wits. What pisses me off about drunks is they never seem to get the hint and if they drive they always either walk away unscathed or get Killed and martyred by their family and friends, I say if they are the only fucking wastes to get killed Great one less Idiot to piss me off, and he got what he or she was asking for. There are some people that think being drunk is an excuse for their actions. WAKE THE FUCK UP MORON, BEING DRUNK IS NEVER AN EXCUSE. No one held a gun to your head and made you drink. No one put your life in danger or those of your loved ones except you. You fucking chose to drink you pay the fucking consequences.

Those of you that have read my old articles know I am all about taking responsibilities for your own actions, for those of you that wish to read my old stuff can use this link to go and read it. I have made it easy for you all because I know most of you can’t walk and chew fucking gum at the same fucking time let alone use a search engine.

I used to drink and do stupid shit so don’t go thinking that I was a fucking little goodie two fucking shoes, fortunately the only one I really hurt was myself.

So the next time you or one of the pathetic cocksukers you call family or friends decides to go get shitfaced in a bar remember do us all a favour and wrap your self around a fucking light pole for us. If we are lucky you won’t survive, if you are lucky the only person hurt will be you.

And DON”T write me whining that I am a heartless bastard we all ready know this and I speak from fucking experience of having some one that I cared for kill himself in a drunk driving accident and if I could I would gladly slap him in the head because of what it did to his family.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard