Nipples are getting the cold shoulder

OK I don;t fucking believe what the fucking North American population is sinking to.

Now if you can’t see this story here is the gist of it’

Sixteen months after the Super Bowl’s tempest in a C-cup, war has been declared on women’s breasts. From Desperate Housewives’ deployment of digital nipple-erasers to Victoria’s Secret’s nipple-negating bras, a campaign is underway to conceal one of the natural features of the female breast.

Now we all have nipples but this is pushing civilization back into the early sixties. Women have fought hard to be taken seriously and Hollywierd has decided that all tier work was in vain. Here in Canada woman have the right to go topless, if they so choose. Why because one woman had the fucking guts to say if a man can do it so can I!! And while I am all for fair treatment of both sexes there are certain women that Need to keep tier shirts on, Like Rosanne, and Rosie O’ Donel. There are also guys that should keep them selves covered,namely any guy with a gut that obscures the view of his own feet or any guy with enough body hair to be mistaken for a bear.

Are women going to have to start burning bras just to get equal treatment again? Holywood is caving to the religious right because they have made threats to boycott the network that dares to show even the hint of a nipple. What is next will we go back to the days of TV couples sleeping in separate beds?

North Americans are by far the largest group with the most sexual hang ups in the entire world. If you look at European countries the people there except the human body for being something of beauty and not to be ashamed of. As a Photographer I specialize in Nude Photography, I find my self working hard to reassure a model that the human body no matter what colour, size, shape, or texture is beautiful. I also find people that get offended by that type of Photography are generally sexually frustrated, and emotionally unstable, while those that accept it and even pose for it are free of most sexual based hang ups.

So here is what you do. Write a letter to all the networks Canadian and American telling them that they are repressing women and that they need to let the nipple stay.

Then we need to start singing to the John Lennon tune ” All we are saying is let nipples stand”

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard