Before I start my rant today I would like to first extend my heartfelt thanks to all the Staff of the Cardio Vascular Untit at Royal Jubilee Hospital, this includes the Doctors, Nurses, Physio people and anyone else that works with the Cardio patients at RJH, I know you all are very dedicated to your jobs and that most people take you all for granted, so I just wanted to say to everyone of you Thanks.

Now what is it about people that they think rules don’t apply to them? It truly is a simple rule, No means NO, Stop means STOP, and Fuck off means Fuck off. People seem to think that rules don’t apply to them for what ever fucking reason, like this fucking teen aged punk that thought that he didn’t have to share a seat on the bus while there were others standing around. Guess what Shit for brains, the rules do apply to you and don’t think that because you are a fucking minor that I won’t come over there and slap you upside the head and knock some sense into you, because I figure your parents are too fucking soft in the head to have done that for you in the first fucking place.

Maybe if parents were a little more responsible we would not have half the problems with Teens today. Between the Doctors and the fucking idiots that don’t think corporal punishment works so give the little fucker a time out in his room with his computer and telephone and TV/Stereo. It is no wonder that Little Johny gets away with Murder. Instead of giving the stupid little shit a kick in the ass these fuckers want to medicate them and counsel them. FUCK THAT SHIT give the kid a back hander and next time he won’t be so stupid.

It is time that these fuckers learn that every action has a equal and opposite reaction and a consequence. You scribble your fucking Grafiti on my wall I kick the shit out of you and make you pay for a professional to come and Paint over your shit. You lead some younger kid to his death, we take your life.

Now I know there are some of you out there that agree with me but you are too chicken shit to stand up to your little fucking shits, so here is my advice to you… GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard