Vote or else

Tomorrow we go to the fucking poles here in BC, and as I have said many fucking times if you don’t fucking vote you give up your right to fucking bitch. Now before you do go and vote consider the following; The BC Liberals have done these things to name just a fucking few.

1 Privatized MSP billings to Maximus, an American company, making
private BC records subject to disclosure under the US Patriot Act.

2 Delisted physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropractry, acupuncture,
naturopathy, and eye exams from MSP coverage. Contracted out diagnostic services like MRI and CT scans. Contracted out more surgeries to private, for-profit clinics after promising to make this unnecessary.

3 Further undermined the public health care system by giving private,
for-profit companies the go-ahead to build and operate the Regional
Hospital and Cancer Care Centre in Abbotsford and the Ambulatory Care
Centre at Vancouver General Hospital.

4 Cut over $200 million from programs for children and families under
the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and eliminated the independent offices of the Child, Youth and Family Advocates.

5 Spent $5 million to cut 46 people off welfare.

6 Made disability benefits harder to get as a result of onerous new
medical reporting required from doctors to defend disability

The BC NDP as we know have proven to us that they are a bunch of Crooks and I will let Glen Clarks’ actions speak for them.

Tom Morino and DRBC asked to leave CBC Property

While peacefully protesting the exclusion of DRBC Leader Tom Morino from the televised leaders debate, CBC security instructed Mr. Morino and his group to vacate CBC property. See the video of Mr. Morino being barred from CBC’s public plaza. Is this the type of whining we can expect if he is voted in? This is from the DRBC web site, so I am not making it up here kids.

The first thing I saw when I visited the Green Parties web site was a bunch of coding errors on the top of the web site. So if they can’t get a web site to work how the fuck can they expect to run a fucking Province.

I could go on and on about the different parties but why? Just get out there and FUCKING VOTE!!!! I don’t care who you fucking vote for just vote.Next election there will be a Cranky Old Bastard Party for you to vote for. then we will see what responsible Government is.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard