Summer is here

And this of course brings out the mental midgets out there, you know who these fuckers are. They are the ones that overload their Jeeps, put passengers in the back of the truck with out seatbelts or race their crotch rocket Motorcyles along the fucking highway thinking they are fucking ten foot tall and bullet proof. These are the same inbred motherfuckers that drive out to local swimming holes or beaches and rivers with a 12 pack of beer sit there getting drunk smashing the bottles all over the place, only to get back into their vehicles and drive while impaired. Then when one of these Darwin Award winners gets him/herself or one of the idiots with him killed you all feel pity for the fucker.

If the fucker gets him/herself killed Great they got what the fuck they deserved and anyone stupid enough to ride with these brain dead ass hole losers deserves the same. If they had any brains they would either not go with the fucker or find their own way back with a sober driver. Now you may call me a cold hearted motherfucking bastard and you would be right I AM I admit it. Because most of these fucking cocksuckers end up killing innocent people and walking away scot fucking free. So here is what to do with these brain dead wastes of sperm. Report them call the fucking cops you may save one of your own loved ones lives.

Summer also brings out assholes that walk or ride through the forests smoking what ever they happen to be smoking and throwing the still smoldering butts on the ground not giving a fuck if it will cause a forest fire. Now again I can not tell you readers to do this but what I have done in the past is to pick up said butt and proceed to put it out on the dumb fuckers bare arm I promise they will think twice about being so fucking careless again

Until Next Time I remain
The Cranky Old Bastard