Are you all on Crack?

Just what the fuck were you idiots thinking yesterday when you went to the fucking Polls? Is there any one out there other then my self with any fucking brains or common sense?

Why the fuck did you stupid fuckers elect a Liberal Government for a second term? I always thought Canadian were far more intelligent then the fucking Americans, but apparently I was fucking WRONG!!! I figured the BC residents were tired of getting fucked up the ass by Gord Campell and the fucking BC Liberals.

I guess you all like the fact that Americans can go through your health records, that our premier can drive drunk in another fucking country, that tuition has gone up 100% under the Liberals and Gordo can give all his rich motherfucking cocksucking friends tax breaks.

What really surprises me is the fact that Vancouver Island seems not to mind taking second fucking place to Vancouver and that over the next 5 years FUCK ALL will be done to improve our roads on the island because WE DON”T OFFER ANYTHING FOR THE FUCKING OLYMPICS!!!

You people are beneath contempt. And all I can do is shake my fucking head and know next time that I will tell you how to fucking vote, and hope Gord Campell gets hit by a dump truck and dies, then you morons might make an intelligent vote for a change but I doubt it.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard