Here we go again

OK before I start let me just say that the Bastards Server has been down for two days and that is why I have not posted.

OK that being said, Stupid People Piss Me Off; so do lazy motherfuckers. Let’s look at the lazy fuckers first. If you are invited over to some one’s home for dinner, it is only right that you at least offer to help with the clean-up. DO NOT SIT ON YOUR LAZY GODDAMMED ASS WHILE OTHERS CLEAN YOUR FUCKING MESS. Also if you spend the night over at your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ fuckfriend/whatever-the-fuck you want to label them’s home you should ready and willing to help straighten up the place in the morning. If you can’t handle that little fucking concept then you should fucking stay home.

Now, lets move on to the stupid fucking Morons out there. Now, as some of you know, I have stated time and again Stupid People Piss Me Off; you might even say it has become my mantra. Now by Stupid people I mean Idiots that walk up to you in the middle of the street asking you, “You looking for bud?” NO Fuckhead, I am looking to kick some ass, if I wanted bud I would NOT buy it from some loser on the street. I would buy it from some one I trust.

Why oh why in the fuck are we not allowed to shoot these stupid and lazy fuckers. “You want to eat my food but not help clean up, take this BAM!!!”

Now some more stupid fuckers are these guys (and I know some women do this too) that think their partner should do all the fucking cooking, cleaning and other shit while they sit on their fat, lazy fucking asses and watch TV. These fucking Losers think they know everything about everything as well. Now unfortunately, the people that have hooked up with these losers can’t see the truth of the fucking matter. Or they don’t want to see it, in which case they may need to be shot.

And the last Group of people fall into both the stupid and lazy catorgories. These are the fuckers that are either too fat and Lazy or too Stupid to get up off their asses and go out to vote but sit back and do nothing more then Fucking Bitch about the Government, and how we should get rid of them. Now personally I don’t give a flying fiddlers fuck who you fucking vote for as long as you do your duty and Vote. Then you can bitch all you want. But if you DON’T VOTE, DO NOT FUCKING WHINE, BITCH AND MOAN,;YOU GAVE UP THAT RIGHT WHEN YOU GAVE UP YOUR VOTE.

I could Sit here and go on for hours about Stupid Lazy Fuckers but it won’t do any good until you morons stop enabling them. So smarten the fuck up and kick those fuckers in the ass.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard.