Fuck Dominos

My best friend got married yesterday and I am house sitting for him, more to make sure if the servers go down that they get up and running more than anything. Now he has a 17 year old daughter that is a great kid, very smart very down, to earth not like most teen agers I have come across.

So we decide we want pizza for dinner and there is a coupon on the phone book for a buy one get one free offer. I call them up to place my order and the fucking total comes to almost twenty five motherfucking dollars. Now I tell you I could have gotten three fucking pizzas from any where else in town for that fucking price, and the goddammend fucking quality of Dominos has taken a fucking nose dive lately.

So here is what my suggestion is to you call up Dominos and tell them that you are sick and tired of getting ripped off and you demand value for you money. Then hang up and order another pizza from some one else and if the quality is not what you fucking well expect sent the fucking thing back, call them up tell them to send the fucking driver over to pick up the Garbage and tell them you are taking your business elsewhere. Only when these stupid fucker get the hint that we the consumer are not going to stand for this shit will we ever start to get satisfaction that we deserve.

Now I know that most of you out there are far to chicken shit motherfuckers to do this and that is why those fuckers know that they can fuck us all over and get away with it.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard