Wonders will never cease

Today I actually found something that surprised me. I was on a crowded bus coming in to Victoria from Sooke via Langford. At a stop this elderly woman got on the bus and the young native girl stood up and gave the elderly woman her seat.

I thought to myself “Right fucking on that kid actually has respect.” and then I thought “Why the fuck can’t more teens be like her?

I found myself with many questions that piss me off be cause I was not able to answer them. So I will ask you simple minded dolts out there, Was this a freak occurrence? Is it because the natives still know enough to respect the elders? and, Why was I so shocked that this young lady gave up her seat?

I was brought up that a man should always offer his seat to a lady, and that children should respect those that are older then us. I still will get up to give a lady my seat, and while I do respect most of my elders I feel respect must be earned.

So if you are a parent reading this teach you fucking brats some manners, not like the other little fucking kids that were on the bus treating it like their own personal set of fucking monkey bars.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard