Fucking Cowards

Now as you are all aware London was the target of terrorism today. Now wether it was al-Qaeda or some other group or maybe an elaborate plan plotted to keep British troops in the middle east. who ever did this were fucking cowards.

And I don’t want to hear all the fucking bullshit that George W Bush is going to say about it being Muslims, do some fucking research asshole, Allah teaches love and peace, killing each other is what you fucking Christian assholes do. Want proof? Just look at oh say the fucking crusades, Northern Ireland, any where that Christian have brought the word of God they have also brought war, death, slavery, and intolerance.

Now I am not going to go on a religious rant right now (but I do reserve the right to bash Christian at any other time, what I do want to do is make you all stop and think. Who has the most to Gain from bombing London? Al-Qaeda? or maybe a certain “ally” that is just south of Canada? Hmm who would want to keep British Troops in Iraq fighting?

These are just some random thoughts that you should all be asking your self.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard