Unions what fucking good are they

Now let me fucking start by saying that the way the government fucks workers around should be illegal. But what the unions do to the general public is also illegal.

I live on an Island, it is my choice to do so. But when some dumb fucking Union ass hole decides that they want to launch a work action that will hold the public hostage then that is where I say FUCK YOU.

On monday Oct 17th there was a general strike. I don’t give a fuck what the unions call it. What I do care about is the fact that because of these fuckers there was NO Transit for people to get to work via, streets were blocked off for the march that they had. But did any one of these fuckers give a rats ass about the innocent people they were affecting? Not fucking Likely. Did they care about people that rely on the public Transit to get to and from work? Fuck NO!! BTW People Public transit means that you and I pay for it even if we don’t use it.

What would have happened if someone had needed an ambulance, but the Ambulance could not get there fast enough because they either had to wait for these fuckers to clear a path or detour around them, so the person that needed them died in the extra few minutes it took the ambulance to get to them? Would the Unions feel any regret? NO! Would the Unions feel Responsible? NO!!

And what of those people that needed public transportation to get to the Airport or Ferry in order to travel else where? If they missed their flight would the Unions pay a re booking fee? I highly fucking Doubt it!!!

Now while I felt that the teachers and the Telus people were and still are getting fucked over the Unions have lost any support they may have once gotten from me. You all had your chance to change what the government was doing and yet you all re-elected the fucking Liberals and knew what they were capable of, so fuck off and stop holding the public hostage there are better more effective ways to get your point across.

Until Next Time I remain
The Cranky Old Bastard