Piss me off

You know what pisses me off? Yeah Stupid people, and todays stupid people are the ones in Grocerey Stores. You know the fuckers that stop in the middle of the aisle while they stand there looking for what ever shit it is they are looking for all the while they have their thumb shoved up their fucking asses blocking every fucking body else from getting by. Or they let their stupid fucking trailer trash brats run rampant through the fucking stores and climbing everywhere.

What ever fucking happened to the days when Parents were fucking responsible for the brats behaivour. I swear today this kid came over as I was bagging my shit and started to put his filthy grubby little hands all over my stuff. Now don’t get me wrong I love kids, not the way Micheal Jackson loves kids, but like normal people love kids. But when the little fuckers start getting into my shit I blame the lousy fucking parenting skills that have given the little shit the idea that this is an appropriate action.

So I tell this kids to go away politely, yes I can be polite when I want to, I just don’t want to very often. So then the bitch that gave birth to this little monster starts trying to give me a piece of her mind, and trust me here people she could not afford to spare it. So like the Cranky Bastard I am I let into this woman, telling her just how unfit she was as a parent and if she could not watch her vile offspring any better then what she had shown so far she did not deserve to be a parent. Then I handed her my card and walked out of the store.

Now if you are this stupid bitch that received my card today, GET SOME FUCKING PARENTING CLASSES, AND LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR BRAT.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard