Hang up and Drive

Love them or Hate them cell phones are here to stay. But what really fucking pisses me off are the Morons that have the fucking phone Glued to the god damned mother fucking ears while the are driving down the fucking road.

I could understand if you were having an emergency and had to call 911, but if that were the case then you should pull the fuck off the road and talk. When I was driving I made a point of telling people that called me “Look I am on the road right now make it quick or I will call you back”

I honestly think anyone that is in a car accident while they are on a fucking cell phone should be at fucking fault.

Keith from Texas (Apparently there is some sort of intelligence in Texas) was telling me he hates people at the bus stop or on the fucking bus talking on their cell phones, and while I can see his point I just start making enough noise that they either move away or hang the fuck up or if they are on the bus I tell them to shut the fuck up.

And what about these fuckers in restaurants that insist on taking calls and ruining other peoples dinner. Here is what you do to those ignorant fucks. Walk over take the phone tell the dumb ass on the other fucking end that Numbnuts will call you back after he has left the restaurant, then Hang up and drop the phone in Numbnuts drink.

Now I don’t mean in McDonalds that you should try this, McDonalds does not serve real food therefore they don’t count as a restaurant, SO FUCK THEM. I mean in a real restaurant.

The biggest fucking problem with cell phones is that people forget that they are dead fucking easy to eavesdrop on and Tap. Just try saying a phrase Like “I want to kill Bush” on a cell phone in the US and watch what happens to you.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard