Ok so I know I should not be surprised but Miceal Jackson was found Not Guilty, but for fuck sakes people the fucking pedophile admitted to sleep in the bed with the kid he also paid off the last family that accused him of the same stuff how many times is it going to take before you stupid fuckers realize the this idiot is sick? How many more kids is he going to molest before people say FUCK THIS SHIT?

The only reasons that he got away with it is because he is a rich well known black guy. If you don’t believe me then FUCK YOU!!! Remember OJ Simpson, another rich black guy that got away with a serious crime.

The only thing I wonder is, would the so called American Justice system have found Ted Bundy innocent if he had been a rich Black guy?

I am by no means racist but when people get away with shit like this just because they are of one ethnic group and the public is scared that if they do the right thing then there will be race riots then everyone losses.

So what about John DeLorean here is a rich white guy that got busted for, dealing drugs and money laundering, he was famous but that didn’t mean shit.

So I know that you all look to me for guidance because most of you can not walk and chew gum at the same time so here is what we do.

Boycott anything that has anything to do with that fucking pedophile, Like Pepsi for one, Write to the big record store names telling them if they don’t stop selling the pedophile’s music the you will stop buying from their store, and pray that some one out there with a high powered rifle gets a clear shot at the whole Jackson family except Latoya, because she was smart enough to get far away from the rest of them.

The fucking Jacksons think they can control the fucking world by their actions and you fucking morons are letting them.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard