Who are we

Are we as Canadians losing or identity as a nation? No matter where I fucking turn when I go out, I find myself fucking surrounded by American fucking shit. Future Shop was bought out by Best Buy, Radio Shack has never really been Canadian but it has been brought out by Circut City.

Our Prime Minister is down on his knees sucking George Bush’s cock. Even Prime time TV makes the fucking idiots on the street think that they have “The right to remain silent” just like they see on the fucking American TV shows. It turns my fucking stomach to see the kids out on the fucking streets saying how great the Fucking USA is. Fine mother fucker if you like it so fucking much move your ugly fucking welfare ass down there.

I was walking down the street when this little fucking prick walks into me. Now he was not watching where he was fucking going and he turns to e and says “Watch it fucker I am with the Bloods” Now looking at this fucking shit I know that if the LA Bloods we to see this freak they would laugh in his fucking face as they were killing him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hate most fucking Americans, but there are a few that have some intelligence, not many but a few, the couple I met a few weeks ago come to mind. They hate Americans almost as much as I do and they had some interesting questions. Like, Who the fuck told the USA they were the world police? That is something I myself have fucking wondered. But what I want to know is with some Americans traveling the world, and finding out just how much of a bunch of fucking ass holes Americans are, why don’t they just start smacking other Americans and knocking some fucking sense into them? If someone says anything just fucking smack the shit out of them for being so fucking stupid. Jeff Foxworthy has got to be one of the most intelligent Americans I have ever heard, and I agree with him that stupid people should be made to wear signs. But not to make it easier to spot them and not talk to them but to make it easier to shoot the cock suckers

We need to start taking more pride in our fucking nation and the fact the even though we have fucking shitty neighbours, we are the most wonderful country in the fucking world.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky old Bastard