New Help for slow leaners

Ok so we have all heard of Mary Kay Laterno and her new husband the Kid she slept with while she was his teacher. What the fuck is the big fucking deal?

If I had had teachers like that when I was in High school I would have made better Grades and probably gone more often. People need to let this topic go and move on with their lives. What the fuck is wrong with these people that insist on dragging this woman through the mud when all she did was fuck a kid that she was teaching. Was she Wrong? Yes. Do we need to keep bring it up at every opportunity? Fuck No!!!

People forget about shit others do like George W Bush lieing to the Public when he said ” We Have proof of WMD in Iraq” or the fact that before the US got involved in Afganistan the Taliban had Opium production wiped out, or the Fact that American Pilots bombed and killed Canadian Soldiers in Afganistan. But they remember a 13 year old Kid getting laid by an older woman.

I am willing to bet the every straight, sane guy out there has a teacher that he wished he could have fucked. Hell some of them had a teacher they fucked while still in school. So why the fuck is the problem here? Easy these guys are just fucking jealous that they never got laid by that favorite teacher, and insist on taking out their sexual frustrations on the rest of us.

So here is my advice to the teachers out there. If you have a student that is doing poorly in your class take him home and fuck his brains out, then tell him the same thing will happen once he starts getting A’s.

And Guys if you have a teacher that does this for you, Shut the fuck up and Study. I guarantee that it will be worth not telling your friends about it.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard