Dumb fucking Animals

No I am not talking about some animal that people think are dumb I am talking about stupid fucking humans.

Let me say this I am an animal lover and most peoples pets are smarter then the people that own them, but today I met some truly stupid fuckers that I want to share this experience with you all. I was at the Oak Bay Tea party today and as most of you in Victoria know it was a very warm day out. As I was walking around I noticed this little dog in a vehicle and only one window was open and only about a quarter of an inch, the dog had no water, and was panting fiercely. Now any fucking moron knows NOT TO LEAVE A PET IN A VEHICLE IN THE SUMMER, or at least I thought any fucking moron would know this. But this vehicle had personalized plates on it that reads “RONDA G” and on the side of it was the name of a company that reads “Nails on Wheels”

So I checked the doors on Ronda G’s truck and found one open, so I hooked the poor little dog up to its leash, and was kind enough to leave the fucking idiots a note telling them the dog was at the security trailer.

Well these fuckers come down looking holier then thou and ask for their dog. Well dear reader I gave them more then their fucking dog I let them know what I thought of them , that they were unfit to own a dog and that if they ever had fucking children I hope that they treat them better then the poor fucking dog.

I Also informed them that I had also reported them to the Police and the Victoria SPAC.

Yes I am a bastard but at least I am smart enough to know that this is NO WAY to treat any animal that you claim to care about.

So Ronda and your imbecilic husband I only Hope that the SPCA decides to press Charges because you better fucking believe I will gladly go to court.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard