Fucking Spammers

Lately some fucking Morons have been posting Trackbacks to my articles. And I guess it is to try to get you fucking morons to visit their pathetic sites. So in other words these fucking losers can’t get any traffic by them selves so they have to try to ride my coat tails and steal traffic to help them out.

Now the thing is I know lots of people and some of them are very talented hackers and programmers and I would hate to see someone have problems with their website and get a virus on their computer. But I can not stop my fans from exacting some toll from these idiots if their shit continues, or if my site should happen to suffer some unexplained problems I will not be held responsible for anything that may or may not happen to retaliation from my readers.

There is a dam good reason that I turn off the comments here and that is if any of you gutless wonders that read this were to actually have any balls to want to say something to me, you will have to send it in an email and then get ripped apart by me. I assure you I will not edit any of your email. So come on fuckers I am daring you now WRITE ME!!!!


There now you have no fucking excuses.

Until next time; Fuck you.
I am The Cranky Old Bastard