Fucking Salesmen

Why the fuck can’t sales men take NO for a fucking answer? Or even take No Thanks I am just looking for an answer. No they can’t because they are far to fucking brain dead to do that.

Today I went into the Prick, er Brick rather, and was fucking swarmed by sales men. I told them that I was only looking and they tried to tell me about this bed or that sofa, and How I can get a free TV, DVD player, AND a free 3.1 Megapixel camera if I spend $1200.00 on a bed. $1200.00 dollars on a FUCKING BED? DO I LOOK THAT FUCKING STUPID TO YOU? At that price it had better come with a couple hot fucking women. Hell one fucking ass hole followed me around the store until I finally told him “Look I am looking and if you want me to fucking buy here leave me the fuck alone”

No I understand you losers are on commission but that does NOT give you the right to follow me around bothering me like some lost little fucking puppy looking for a new home.

I finally walked out of there swearing to add them to this list of places to NEVER DEAL with.

So here is my list so far
Wal Mart, and American Company. Fuck U shop AKA Future Shop They don’t like to tell you the truth or honour the warranties they sell you. and now The Brick for reasons noted above.

Now for the places that I will definitely recommend are, CompuSmart Victoia, they will go that extra distance for you and Reg Midgely KIA great Sales and Service staff.

So if you go to these place I have recommended tell the Cranky Old Bastard Sent you.

Until next time I remain;

The Cranky Old Bastard