Fucking Tall Ships My Ass

I went to cover the Tall ships festival for Cityview this past weekend only to be told by the people in the media office that “Press Passes are only for the real press.” WHAT THE FUCK. I want to know who the fuck died and made you the judge of what is press? Just because Cityview no longer publishes a hard copy, this cunt decides that it is not “Real Press” Fuck you BITCH

Now first of all you stupid fuckers don’t know SHIT about planning, because if you did you would know that two things you never do is piss of your customers or the media and you did both of those.

The event was over sold and the only thing those fucking no minds care about was making a fucking Buck. They ended up not allowing people to actually go on board the ships, even though they had paid for that privilege, and then they refuse to re-emburse the people that they ripped off. There were only Two real ships there , the rest were fucking boats NOT SHIPS. These brain dead fucks also tried to sell a five dollar ticket just to go down and walk around the vendors. FUCK THAT SHIT.

I got the pictures I wanted, and I got the from the fucking shore FOR FREE.

Now speaking of the vendors the ones I did talk to were very disappointed by the whole thing. The Security volunteers need to get their collective heads out of their asses and learn a few things. For example, if a licenced security guard tells you to get the fuck out of his way he has an ALARM to go to move your fucking ass of get charged with obstruction. people that live on the boats are allowed to have guests on the boat and just because you are sexually frustrated is no reason to stop them from having a life. Fucking volunteer security is a fucking JOKE most of the time to begin with any ways, because most of them get swollen fucking heads from it and start to power trip.

And what the fuck was with closing the fucking streets off. If you do that how the fuck are we supposed to run the fucking Americans off the cock sucking road?

Fuck it I have bitched about those stunned fuckers enough and if I go on any further I may end up killing some one.

Until next time I remain;
The Cranky Old Bastard