Be afraid be very afraid

While most of my recent dealing with Wiccans have been with the Fluffy, light and love, I wanna be like the bitch on Buffy, Wiccans. I have met and do know wiccans with living brain cells. But the article on this web site fucking pissed me off.
This fucking closed minded ass hole of a Judge has taken it upon himself to decide what is a mainstream religion.

For those of you who are too fucking lazy to go read this article here are the Highlights.

Judge: Parents can’t teach pagan beliefs
Father appeals order in divorce decree that prevents couple from exposing son to Wicca.

An Indianapolis father is appealing a Marion County judge’s unusual order that prohibits him and his ex-wife from exposing their child to “non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals.”

WOODLAND HILLS — A doctored poster of President George W. Bush — sporting Groucho Marx’s dark eyebrows, mustache and stogie — was supposed to promote a high school play.

But for award-winning drama students at El Camino Real High School, it turned out to be a stark lesson in free speech. The poster was close, but no cigar.

Now Both Parents are Wiccan and they decided to raise their son a Wiccan But this fucking Moron Judge has decided that he has the right to decide that they don’t have that right.

No fortunately this is happening down in the US where we all know they are losing all of the right that they claim to have. Just one more step to the up coming Civil war.

And then there is this juicy little tidbit,

Minnesota court takes dim view of encryption

A Minnesota appeals court has ruled that the presence of encryption software on a computer may be viewed as evidence of criminal intent.

So lets see, they have lost the right of free speech, the right to choose life or death, The right to freedom of religion, now add in there the right to protect your own computer files. What the fuck is next? Well according to one High School; The right to have a sense of Humour.,1413,200~20954~2890519,00.html

So you see the are more benefits to NOT living in the US other then the health care, the affordable and higher quality education, the respect of other countries for having such lousy neighbours, but I will save that for another occasion.

Until next time I remain;
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