Anita Sarkeesian “Sitting while anti-feminist” is now the new “driving while black”

Anita Sarkeesian "Sitting while anti-feminist" is now the new "driving while black" "Sitting while anti-feminist" is now the new "driving while black", apparently... :PFollow us on Minds! us monthly! us one-time! http://www.feedthebadger.comGo to BadgerMinds for our weekly best of show, NotBadger! DOWNLOAD: Read Original Article Here   … [Read more...]

Shop til you drop, Defense against rape, Disney does something right, @Grawly Says He Has A Dildo Stuck Up His Butt

The Cranky Old Bastard Episode 15 Its episode 15 and we have for you shop til you drop, defense against rape, Disney does something right, @Grawly Says He Has A Dildo Stuck Up His Butt and more…...all coming up on The Cranky Old bastard Join the Army Now! for 100% No Bullshit!! Delivering the real information that matters to the world 100% No Bullshit coming to you direct from the southern california of canada it is the Cranky Old bastard and his sidekick Mr Nobody Introduce the Hosts Your hosts for the cranky old bastard are me Mr Nobody and the Old bastard himself.   Don’t forget you can get the show notes at: The Cranky Old Bastard website And head on over and review us at: The Cranky Old Bastard Podcast can be … [Read more...]

Summer is here

And this of course brings out the mental midgets out there, you know who these fuckers are. They are the ones that overload their Jeeps, put passengers in the back of the truck with out seatbelts or race their crotch rocket Motorcyles along the fucking highway thinking they are fucking ten foot tall and bullet proof. These are the same inbred motherfuckers that drive out to local swimming holes or beaches and rivers with a 12 pack of beer sit there getting drunk smashing the bottles all over the place, only to get back into their vehicles and drive while impaired. Then when one of these Darwin Award winners gets him/herself or one of the idiots with him killed you all feel pity for the fucker. If the fucker gets him/herself killed Great they got what the fuck they … [Read more...]

You’re an Asshole

How many fucking times have I been told those exact words? I have fucking lost count, but yet for some reason you fuckers seem to think I take offence to being called an asshole. Why cant you fucking brainless wonders get it through your thick fucking heads? I AM AN ASSHOLE AND PROUD OF IT. I know I have not posted for quite some fucking time but I have a life other then trying to keep you fuckers amused, but there are a few things I need to get off my chest. So here we go. 1. To you lazy cock suckers that accosted me for spare change on the streets face it you are fucking lazy, and I am fucking judgmental, but at least I am not a burden on society so find a fuck job or die either way you will at least be doing something worthwhile for a change. 2. You whine … [Read more...]

Unions what fucking good are they

Now let me fucking start by saying that the way the government fucks workers around should be illegal. But what the unions do to the general public is also illegal. I live on an Island, it is my choice to do so. But when some dumb fucking Union ass hole decides that they want to launch a work action that will hold the public hostage then that is where I say FUCK YOU. On monday Oct 17th there was a general strike. I don't give a fuck what the unions call it. What I do care about is the fact that because of these fuckers there was NO Transit for people to get to work via, streets were blocked off for the march that they had. But did any one of these fuckers give a rats ass about the innocent people they were affecting? Not fucking Likely. Did they care … [Read more...]